Internet hustlers 2 – Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013

Internet hustlers 2 - Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013

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48 Responses to Internet hustlers 2 – Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013

  1. NollyActionTv says:

    Thanks for watching

  2. NollyActionTv says:

    lol, that’s what they call koko

  3. NollyActionTv says:

    we will be posting more movies featuring many cast from this movie, Always keep up with us.

  4. NollyActionTv says:

    Thanks Colins Lolita, your comment encourages us to do more

  5. precious osas says:

    Kelvin made me like this movie to the extent i am watching it twice

  6. Colins Lolita says:

    I love all the part of the movie mostly the teacher and her student

  7. mickey mouse says:

    This was a good movie, it kept me in suspense and it wasn’t predictable unlike other movies. EXCELLENT PLOT!


    Never in the history of “all-over-the-place” has a movie plot been this all over the place. Sigh

  9. loveth nchekwube says:

    i like the movie nice one

  10. kinggeorgiagirl11 says:

    This is a very nice movie. However I am still kind of curious about how everybody else’s life turned out in the end.

  11. Peter ojeifo says:

    Selling point!

  12. NollyAction says:

    All the same we will always try our very best to make our videos great. Thanks TurboMan51

  13. NollyAction says:

    Ay cathyy, thanks for watching and remember to check our other collections for more free Nollywood movies

  14. Ay cathyy says:

    Good movie very interesting. kudos NollyAction

  15. TurboMan51 says:

    I don’t think so.

  16. TurboMan51 says:

    Yeea I’m loving this site great movies plus the youtube video player is str8.I have had problems with the youtube player with movie watching from some other sites..then again it could be the movies.

  17. NollyAction says:

    Thank you TurboMan51 for watching, always think NollyAction when you think African cinema

  18. NollyAction says:

    Thanks Ray Jay Tee for watching, do check our other collection for other interesting movies

  19. TurboMan51 says:

    Yeess these new movies are great..another winner keep you on the edge of your seat..drama.. comedy all rolled into one.

  20. monday steph says:

    so lovely

  21. aprils77777 says:


  22. Fegor Inuope says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!! i love this movie… Romantic, funny and full of action. got me stuck to my screen……i ve recommended dis movie to every1 in my office…lol. fabulous aproko, kelvin fine boi….halima,Ifeoma and Itohan baby,…. hot chicz….nice story line. COOL

  23. Ese Osahon says:

    great movie

  24. foreverfabulous0 says:

    great movie i love it

  25. NollyAction says:

    We will let the producer know about your request George

  26. lana lent says:


  27. Jenna Scoville says:

    Even without the canned laughter, he’s supposedly waiting to be put to death on Death Row in Texas… Death Row in Texas is streamlined, nobody waits, instead they just march you straight to the execution chamber and get it over with.

  28. Nimeton111 says:

    Wait it isn’t?

  29. Kredes41 says:

    If not for the canned laughter, maybe…

  30. Bishop45acp says:

    i would buy it in a sec 😛

  31. l3ushman says:

    I found that truly informative. I’m here because my mate without warning turned outstanding with women. He went from a nobody into being amazing. He pretended he failed to notice. He finally came clean two days ago. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He’s seeing a stunner…

  32. Rudy Bita says:

    fake teeth?

  33. GwendolynRaine says:

    I would say the look about the same age. Catherine might be older than Billie, but she’s aged a lot more slowly.

  34. bearhedded says:

    this is like the time my cousin was on jenny jones! the guest after her got all indignant, when the audience reacted to her inmate husband’s hoarding of his victim’s remains, shouting over the din, ‘he only kept the nipples!!!”!

  35. Claudio Tavares says:

    That would be me long time ago when i didn’t know Catherine Tate ^^

  36. richard tom says:

    “no, yes it’s death row.” CT is fucking hilarious!

  37. Hay3leyRose says:

    ahhaha. jesus. just the con in the photo snow glow, PAHHAHAHA

  38. Grace Adams says:

    Thank god for canned laughter.

  39. WebkinWolf says:

    This is absolutely hilarious xD

  40. jason bradley says:

    god i wish she made a series 4 out of this show.

  41. SheGatheredInMySoul says:

    “I’ve never eaten anyone” – nearly cracked a rib laughing. Absolutely bloody hilarious.

  42. Mike Kiker says:

    Those teeth make her look like an older ginger Billie Piper.

  43. caes4r says:

    This would be so much better without the laugh track.

  44. AtahualpaGoldstein says:

    Please marry me, lovely Catherine Tate! Drop that Jeremiah guy, I could be a much better cold-blooded serial killer than him! It’s not even five o’ clock yet and I’ve already eaten four people!

  45. JuilleoTV says:

    OMG! hahahaha

  46. MurrayK1994 says:

    “The Cleaver” – HAHAHA!

  47. scifikoala says:

    haha but i think the laugh track would give it away

  48. because12ap says:

    Loved no,yes it is death row

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